Construction Process


Get Pre-Qualified

The first step is to get in touch with us. We’ll connect you with one of our licensed loan officers who will help you through the process. They’ll ask you for some basic information, run your credit, and verify your income and assets in order to submit your mortgage application. Once your mortgage application is submitted, you’ll receive a pre-qualification letter!


Verification Process

You’ll choose your lot, floor plan, and other structural options with your builder. It’s important to remember that every builder is different so their process may vary slightly. You’ll also provide us with earnest money and required documents that tell us what you’ve chosen with your builder. Based on your selections, you may incur additional costs that we need to verify in order to make sure you’re getting the right loan for your needs.


Approval for Construction

Once we’ve verified your initial selections with your builder, we will issue your approval for construction with the maximum qualified sales price and send it to your builder. Once the approval is issued, your builder can continue the construction process.


Make Design Selections

While the preliminary approval process is underway, you’ll be completing design center appointments with your builder to make selections for your home. Although it varies by builder and home type, you’ll typically have two appointments with a professional design center consultant. Once you’ve made your final selections, we will receive the final sales price.


Updated Documents

We will send you updated documents once we receive the final price, plans, and specs for the home from your builder. This takes approximately three to four weeks after the final selection appointment.


Time to Get Building

After your builder receives the approved permits and inspections, they can begin construction on your home!


Processing & Underwriting

About 60 days before your home is finished, we will ask you for updated income and asset documentation in order to issue your final loan approval. This is normally around the time when the trim and cabinets are being installed in your home.


Lock Details Confirmed

At this time, you and your lender will talk about locking in an interest rate. You’ll also send updated documents to your lender, and once you lock, they will confirm your finances and loan details and review float-down options (if applicable to your loan). Your lender will also order the appraisal which will be done before the home is finished being built. The appraisal will be done based off of the plans and specs provided by your builder.


Initial Closing Package

Your lender will verify the updated documents and begin the final approval process. Once your loan is fully approved, your lender will send you the Closing Disclosure at least three business days before your closing date for you to review and sign. When the loan is clear to close, your lender’s attorney will prepare and send your closing documents to your title company. They will work with your lender to review and approve the final Closing Disclosure that itemizes the final costs of the transaction.


Final Walk-Through

Your lender will order a final walk-through for the home to ensure that it has been completed according to the plans and specs. This typically happens within 72 hours of closing.


Closing Table

Closing will take place at the title company’s office, usually chosen by the builder. At this point, you’ll sign any final documents and provide funds for closing in the form of a wire or cashier’s check made payable to the title company.


Welcome Home

Once you and the seller finish signing the closing documents, they’ll be sent to the lender who will fund the loan. When the loan funds, your lender will notify you to pick up the keys! Congratulations on your new home!